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Chapter 2

Chrissie laughed and stood up, Alex and Daniel on either side of her and she was lead off to a chair that was 'prison'. She looked down and shuffled there, sitting down and waited for another person to be caught till she could be free again. Her mind kept on thinking about how the concert would go, what if she messes the whole thing up? Damn anxiety. Anyway, someone had been caught and she could go back to Dream Land for a while and have dinner.
She stood up and started to walk to the garden when her uncle announced dinner time. Great. The table was set and they tucked into a hearty meal of ribs and chicken. They laughed, joked  and talked together about the move that was due to happen, Sam anecdotes and some awful jokes about Chrissies' fan fiction addiction.
After a while, the food was all gone and stomachs were full.

Chrissie helped put away the plates in the kitchen, while her cousins played in the field, rolling down the field in pipes. She smiled, went outside and joined the family for a photo. It was a tradition, stupid tradition. A few photos later, she went back to lounging on the bank. She sighed and turned as sleep slowly crept over her fatigued body. Only a short while later, she was woken again by her horse neighing as she got up to see what the commotion was all about. She realised that her horses needed rugs and quickly ran over to the stables, done up their rugs and chucked them out into the two acre field once again. Tired, she went back into the house and logged onto her computer, she was gonna write some more Don't Be Cruel. She spread out her fingers; Megan was going to be begging for more. She grinned as her fingers eagerly tapped on the keys as the next chapter rolled out in front of her. A thousand words later, she was done. She started to fire off a quick email to Megan: to

Megan, I have updated DBC for you, and I left it on a cliffhanger. Enjoy, oh and the concert is tomorrow! Eeek! I can't wait, Richie Sambora, I'll get to meet him. To say that I'm excited is a definite understatement. Have you got your clothes? Meet me tonight at Nuneaton; I have some catching up to do over coffee and cake. to

Oooh YAY! I wonder whether Richie is going to cope without Evie on tour, and WHY did you stop it there!? More! I got my clothes, we can go to Greggs or Costa, a catch up sounds nice. I want to meet Jon! I can't wait for Saturday. *smiles* you little tease, especially chapter 24.

 Well, she did try. to

Well, if my annoying cousins say that my fan fictions are rude AGAIN, I will personally make them read it, and watch the reactions. I can't believe that I can write porn that makes ME react. *grins* Well, mum or anyone else doesn't know that I write Jovi Smut, or I don't want them to know that fact. I'd be in some deep shit if they do. *gulps* I am very secretive and they haven't even heard of half of my fanfics. I can't believe they'd judge me for using writing as a coping mechanism. I mean, emotional abuse, manipulation and black mail shouldn't be left to fester until it bubbles over in a eruption of anger, so that you will lash out. It was dad's fault, HE did it to me. to

Yeah, it's a good outlet. You better keep your writing that way or else you'd of been in some DEEP hole. Don't let them judge you, you know better than that, just don't remind them?
Your dad is a bitch ass motherfucker.

Chrissie nodded, Megan was correct about her dad. He was a sociopath. Moving on, Chrissie logged off the computer and stretched, waved goodbye to her cousins as they headed over to their house and sat down in the living room. She looked at the time and swore under her breath. She quickly grabbed her car keys and headed off to face Megan at Nuneaton.


Megan sighed and looked at her watch for what felt like the thousandth time. She could see a rushing Chrissie running towards her. 
"Sorry Megan, time went so fast and I forgot the time"
"It's alright; at least you got here safely"
"Now, coffee and cake"
Megan and Chrissie walked over to Muffin Break in the middle of the usually busy shopping centre, Chrissie ordered food whilst Megan sat down at the table. Megan sighed and quickly read a little more of Chrissies' story before Chrissie sat down opposite her.
"Quick spot of reading?"
"Patience is a virtue and it appears that you do not have it, my friend"
"Yeah, like you can talk, you're not exactly patient either"

Megan was currently writing her own fan fiction. She was a Cumberbatch fan, Chrissie loathed Benedict Cumberbatch, she liked the dark and dangerous, such as Richie Sambora. Megan took a little more than brute persuasion to become a Bon Jovi fan; it took days of nagging about Richie Samboras' guitar playing and dashing good looks to make her come around to the idea. With some help from Chrissies' Jovi friends of course. Megan liked the taste of fur-freak, Jon Bon Jovi was her favourite, and Chrissie was darker. Though Chrissie did like to write, she did live on a farm and had a whole host of animals to care for, her Paddy was her love. He was her horse and no one underestimated the bond between them, for they are inseparable. Soon, the topic of the conversation turned from the concert to slightly darker times. Chrissie was (and still is to this day) emotionally, abused, blackmailed and manipulated by her sociopathic father, who just loved to make her cry. 

The past few years had been very hard on Chrissie, grandmas dying from cancer, moving houses and nagging sisters. She had been very brave, not to mention a degree on top of that. Life was hard. 


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