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Chapter 3

Tonight was the night of the concert, and Chrissie had already pre-planned everything to make sure that they had time to get there early; it wouldn't be as bad to park. Megan on the other hand had chosen a pretty floral dress, this summer was hot. Time slowly drifted away as Chrissie spent the day at Megan’s’ cooking, cleaning and playing games with her younger sibling, Cerys. As always, Chrissie had done her chores on the farm and was looking to an evening partying and rocking out with her best friend. After all was done, Chrissie crashed on Megans’ couch. While Megan chose the channels, the excitement level was rising already. They still had an hour, an hour to kill.

After an hour of watching boring television and brushing up on their guitar playing skills, the pair, fully dressed in their concert clothes, walked out towards the car. Megan constantly checked her makeup in the mirror, while Chris drove along the motorway to the concert venue. Chrissie sighed as she turned off into the car park for the Ricoh.
“Hey Chris, you got the tickets?”
Megan stared out of the window as the ignition was turned off and seat belts were unfastened. A short while later, after tickets were shown, seats were found and they were ready, Chrissie and Megan sat down to watch the opening act, which lasted for roughly three-quarters of an hour. The lights dimmed once again, five people came out on stage and set themselves up with their corresponding instruments, Chrissie swallowed a gulp in her throat and found her mouth go suddenly dry as she looked at her crush. Richie Sambora. Megan looked at her and whistled, Chrissie felt herself blush as she snapped back into the depths of an all too unreal reality. Megan as well felt herself become wet under the spell of love-struck. They were simply celebrity crushes; they would just greet them and get an autograph or two.

Richie set up his mic and laid down his calloused fingers on those six strings and she, licked her lips at how his muscular arms flexed when he started to play guitar. The band had just started to play You Give Love A Bad Name, when, Richie had looked at Chrissie and gave her a little wink with his left eye and it gave her the shivers. Had Richie Sambora just wink at her?

She felt her heart soar when he did that one action, Jon was prancing, leaping and jumping all over the stage. Megan and her gave a little scream and continued to watch the amount of energy that this band had. Her back pocket was burning with the backstage pass inside and she was more excited about meeting the guys, Jon crouched down and looked at the pair, he smiled and made a heart sign on his chest towards them, they couldn't help but blow him a kiss- which he graciously returned.

Soon after the band had taken their bows, they retired to the backstage area, where a load of screaming girls would burst through the doors screaming their names in two minutes flat. Jon sighed and propped his feet up, Richie sat next to him, grabbing a beer that was on the side table. Richie smiled, he was sure he seen that little pass in the brunette’s back pocket, he was looking forward to meeting HER. Though, she didn't look like she was from this area, she didn’t look like a city girl, more country bumpkin. He shrugged his shoulders; she was probably smart enough not to fool around with anyone. She had a sweet, innocent smile, well that was going to change. He grinned evilly as the security guard announced that fans were coming. Lucky him.

Chrissie and Megan shown the security their passes, a lady came up to them and directed them down a corridor, round a corner, towards the bands’ dressing rooms. Turning sharply, alerting them that they were not allowed there and briskly walked towards a door that was labelled ‘The Jovi Group Room’. Smiling, the women entered the room, Richie was sitting next to Jon, a half-empty beer in hand, Jon was on the sofa and David, Tico and Alec were chatting to fellow fans and taking photographs. Chrissie had silently screamed inside, and was sure she was in Heaven. Richie smiled and had a darker tint of brown in his eyes now, he stood up.
“It’s you two again, I was sure that you were the two concert winners. Welcome and I’m sure you don’t need names”

“No, that’s fine Richie, I’m Chrissie and this is my friend Megan”
Megan by now was chatting happily to Jon, smiling happily and gave Chrissie a small thumbs up, Chrissie smiled at Richie and pointed to the drink that was sat there. Richie nodded and gave it to Chrissie; she took a gulp and gave it back to him, chuckling happily.
“You sure can drink”

“I grew up on a farm with an alcoholic dad, just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I have to be modest all of the time” she replied, a gleam in her eye as Richie took her out of the room, and along the corridor to his dressing room.  Meanwhile, Megan was busy chatting to Jon; he was funny, handsome and smelled like sin. Sweet merciful sin. Megan bit her lip, Jon chuckled lightly as she sat next to him. Megan told him little anecdotes of her youth, like when her and Chrissie used to go to Nuneaton, how her sister bugged her for days and about how her guitar lesson partner would never show up to lessons, Chrissies cousin, William. 

"You play? I can jam with you if you want?" Jon asked, grabbing one of his guitars. Megan nodded, his grin was now ten miles wide and he handed her a spare one of his.
"Hmmm, how about Wild Horses?" Jon asked, tuning his guitar as Megan did the same.
"Sure" she replied, her face going even more redder than it already was. She started to play the chords as her hands gracefully flew over the strings, Jon smiled and started to play along with her. This had to be the best night of her life.


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